Alamo Elementary School – 2020 Alamo Auction Masquerade and Gala
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Alamo Elementary School is truly an extraordinary place of learning. Our talented staff provides each student with a quality education aligned to rigorous standards, high academic and behavioral expectations, equity and a solid foundation in preparation for successful lives as productive citizens. We believe that every child will learn and achieve, regardless of their background. We hold high expectations for all students and differentiate our curriculum according to individual need. We respect our students' different learning styles, and adapt our teaching accordingly. It is our goal to teach and model the values of inclusiveness, acceptance and respect. This allows students to feel safe and secure to take risks. We strive to create independent learners who are self-directed and motivated to be successful. We at Alamo foster a culture of service. Parents and staff work together to provide unique programs for the children, such as participation in the Chinese New Year Parade. Strong parent participation and high expectations of both parents and staff help provide an enriching and engaging environment in which the children thrive. The tradition to uphold excellence is a prevailing driver of the Alamo culture. Through equity, integrity, and vision, Alamo continues to demonstrate its proud tradition of solid results, high achievement, and academic excellence. Our arts program is a vital component for creating an equitable environment for all students. Through the arts, students can choose opportunities to discover and develop their unique interests and strengths. The art program at Alamo provides the framework that allows students to grow, thrive, and feel motivated in their learning every day. Some of our enriching art programs include: choral music program, creative movement and dance, Shakespeare drama, ceramics and visual arts.

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