This Motorized Curtain Hides Your License Plate With The Push of a Button

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How many times have you been in a high-speed police chase and thought to yourself, "if only I had a switch I could push to hide my license plate, that way I could have actually gotten away without them knowing who I was". This motorized license plate hider will mask your license plate using the push of a button. Perfect for high-speed chases, when you're about to run a red light and would like to hide your license plate from the cameras, or maybe you just robbed a liquor store and need to make a clean get-a-way. :)

The motorized license plate hider comes in two different variations, one of which includes a curtain that comes down over your license plate to hide it, which is the cheapest. The second version is a device that physically flips your license plate downwards so it's pointed straight at the ground so no one can see it, which is a little more expensive. The license plate hider are controlled via a wireless switch that's mounted inside the car or key-chain with two buttons to hide it and show it. If you have the switch version you can place it right next to your NOS switch and be a complete bad-ass just like 007.

The motorized license plate hiders are able to be installed onto cars, trucks, sport cars, motorcycles, or pretty much anything that has a license plate. Plus the device is super durable, weather resistant, and is installed easily with just a screwdriver which takes roughly 30 minutes.

Motorized License Plate Hider Gadget - GIF

Motorized License Plate Hider Gadget - GIF