4 Passes to 3 Witches and Pirates Museums

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Complimentary Pass for 4 to each of the following museums:

- Witch Dungeon Museum

- Witch History Museum

- Pirate Museum


Come raise the devil at the Witch Dungeon Museum! Continuous live shows all day from 10am to 5pm. Award winning re- enactment of the trial of beggar - woman Sarah Good from the original transcript of 1692.

A guided tour of the dungeon, where you will see the poor conditions and the actual size of the cells that the accused were kept in while awaiting their trials. It also includes a recreated village and Gallows Hill.

The mood is set from the moment you enter the museum. You are there - in Salem Village 1692, and you are guaranteed a unique experience with a chill or two. 


A guided tour through little known history. You are there - Salem docks in 1692, board a full-length pirate ship and explore an 80-foot cave, where you may encounter a rascal or two. Mingle with Captain Quelch and his crew, Blackbeard,

Kidd and others who once prowled our coast.

Experience the adventures of New England’s sea-robbers. See artifacts from sunken ships and pirate treasures.


The stories of 1692 are told through a historically accurate live presentation and tour downstairs, where you will walk through the forest, meet Tituba in Rev. Parris’ kitchen, visit Old Salem village and view 15 life size scenes depicting these stories

The Witch Hysteria not only enveloped Salem, but all 34 towns and villages of Essex County. Hundreds of accused witches filled the jails awaiting trial. Some died in captivity, 19 were hanged and one old man was crushed to death. A Salem minister, accused by teenage girls of being the devil, was captured in Maine,
hanged here, and had his head removed by another minister. Salem’s leading merchant and his wife escaped the hangman, but returned a year later to plot revenge on the accusers and the lawman who tormented the witch victims. These and many other stories of Witch Times are revealed at the Witch History Museum.