Pandas International – 2nd Annual Spring Auction
Auction Ends: Apr 14, 2013 11:59 PM EDT

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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
Kung Fu Panda and Tee 156 $13USD $5USDSOLD CLOSED
Limited Edition HRC Tai Shan Birthday Pin 113 Priceless $68USDSOLD CLOSED
Lin Ping Panda Quilt 136 Just 4 Ewe & Pandas Too! $400USD $133USDSOLD CLOSED
Lin Ping Puzzle 148 Susan Tunstall $74USD $55USDSOLD CLOSED
Love Panda Book 114 $100USD $33USDSOLD CLOSED
Matching 2011 Pandapalooza Shot Glass and Pin 117 Priceless $35USDSOLD CLOSED
Mexican vacation at the Hacienda Tres Rios-Riviera Maya 5 days/4 nights CMP-113 Yucatan Holidays $1,800USD CLOSED
Morgan Bay Beach Resort, St. Lucia - 1 Week/2 Room Stay CMP-104 Elite Island Resorts $3,100USD $899USDSOLD CLOSED
Musuem Repro Necklace and Earring Set 139 $75USD $25USDSOLD CLOSED
Panda Bag 122 $15USD $5USDSOLD CLOSED
Panda Beach Towel 137 $20USD $45USDSOLD CLOSED
Panda Coin Purse 124 $10USD $25USDSOLD CLOSED
Panda Cub in Snow 141 $150USD $50USDSOLD CLOSED
Panda Jewelry Box 118 $30USD $55USDSOLD CLOSED
Panda necklace and ring 119 $40USD CLOSED
Panda Reflection 154 $125USD $55USDSOLD CLOSED
Panda Scarf 135 $20USD $15USDSOLD CLOSED
Panda Slap Watch 120 $30USD $30USDSOLD CLOSED
Panda Stamp Collection 128 Priceless $55USDSOLD CLOSED
Panda Wall Bank 134 Colleen Zimmer $15USD $5USDSOLD CLOSED
Pearl Necklace 126 $30USD $10USDSOLD CLOSED
Porcelain Pendant 125 $35USD CLOSED
Red Leaf Panda 142 $125USD $42USDSOLD CLOSED
San Diego Zoo Panda Treasure Box 155 $35USD $12USDSOLD CLOSED
Thai Silk Scarf 140 $20USD $12USDSOLD CLOSED
The Hollywood Agency - One Month Membership CMP-111 The Hollywood Agency $75USD CLOSED
Trail of the Panda Coin 149 $50USD $86USDSOLD CLOSED
Wooden Puzzle Box 123 $35USD $35USDSOLD CLOSED
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