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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
Joinery Breadboard & French Laundry Recipes 23 The Joinery , Joanne Welch $110USD $40USD CLOSED
Bales Gourmet Basket - A LA FRANCAISE 81 Bales Market Place $116USD Live Event
Apr 19, 2014
NokHoo DeLoverly Backpack 49 NokHoo Design $150USD $35USD CLOSED
Target Gift Cards $150 38 David Zoe $150USD $140USD CLOSED
Provence Tablecloth, Baking Dishes & More 27 Jane Fabulet-Roberts , Gerri Lutes, Mireille Nett, les Couleurs de Provence $162USD $30USD CLOSED
Occasions Premium Gift Basket 29 Occasions Fine Gifts $176USD CLOSED
Authentic French for the Kitchen and the Bath 210 MAISON ECLECTIQUE $180USD $60USD CLOSED
Autographed Timbers Soccer Ball and Jersey 25 Portland Timbers $200USD $51USD CLOSED
"Give Portland" Basket, Jewelry and More 44 Lucky Me! Gift BoutiqueGive Portland GiftsFrench Cut Hair $200USD CLOSED
Doux Handmade Soaps and Marseille Liquid Hand Soap 211 MAISON ECLECTIQUE $210USD CLOSED
Men's and Women's Laulhere Berets & French Cut Hair Too 209 MAISON ECLECTIQUEFrench Cut Hair $240USD Live Event
Apr 19, 2014
Rapha Classic Wind Jacket - Your Choice of Men's, Women's, Color and Size 46 Rapha Racing, LLC $285USD $112USD CLOSED
Pascale's "All Things French" Basket, Plus Art & More 51 Pascale Beard, Francine Chough $335USD $61USD CLOSED
Men's Riding Kit from River City Bicycles 50 River City Bicycles $440USD $80USD CLOSED
Francis Klein Eyeglass Frames, Imported from Paris 24 Eyes! On Broadway $635USD $115USD CLOSED
Handcrafted Nepalese Woolen Carpets - A Pair 91 Lapchi Rugs $1,000USD Live Event
Apr 19, 2014