INTERNATIONAL BIRD RESCUE – Groovy Gathering: Waterbirds in Nature
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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
Lake Tahoe Cabin Retreat 100 Shawn Marshall $3,750USDSOLD CLOSED
Sue Johnson Pelican Lamp #1 101 Sue Johnson Lamps $770USDSOLD CLOSED
Galveston Bay Getaway 102 Carmine Dulisse $2,100USDSOLD CLOSED
Pelican Release with International Bird Rescue 103 International Bird Rescue $650USDSOLD CLOSED
$5000 - Donate now to the Fund-a-Need. 104 $5,000USD CLOSED
Private Seabird Talk by JD Bergeron 105 $300USDSOLD CLOSED
Sue Johnson Pelican Lamp #2 106 Sue Johnson Lamps $275USDSOLD CLOSED
Vintage Watercolor by San Francisco Artist Christine Miller High 107 Tanya Miller $550USDSOLD CLOSED
An Afternoon in the Gottlieb Garden 108 Susan and Dan Gottlieb $2,100USDSOLD CLOSED
$2500 - Donate now to the Fund-a-Need. 109 $2,500USD CLOSED
Laysan Albatross Watercolor 110 Ellen Westerholm $100USDSOLD CLOSED
6 Vintage Ceramic Roosters 111 Stacy King $160USDSOLD CLOSED
Eco-Friendly Bags 112 Stacy King $80USDSOLD CLOSED
Naturalist's Package 113 KowaHeyday Books $465USDSOLD CLOSED
$1000 - Donate now to the Fund-a-Need. 114 $1,000USD CLOSED
Hummingbird's Delight Package 115 $70USDSOLD CLOSED
Laysan Albatross Painting on Wood Panel 116 Poo Wright-Pullman CLOSED
Seasonal Wine Tasting Experience for 4 117 Clif Family Winery $270USDSOLD CLOSED
Magpie and Plum Blossom Watercolor 118 Meili Bruinsma CLOSED
Sue Johnson Lamps: 2 Night-Heron Chicks! 119 Sue Johnson Lamps $550USDSOLD CLOSED
$500 - Donate now to the Fund-a-Need. 120 $500USD CLOSED
Bird Quilt 121 $75USDSOLD CLOSED
Catalina Island Vacation Home 122 Dr. John and Terry Miller $1,300USDSOLD CLOSED
Stained Glass Mallard 123 $200USDSOLD CLOSED
Hike with a Botanist: Guided Hike for 4 124 Tanya Baxter $330USDSOLD CLOSED
Set of 4 Stained Glass Waterbirds 125 $160USDSOLD CLOSED
$250 - Donate now to the Fund-a-Need. 126 $250USD CLOSED
Waterbird Gourd Set 127 $78USDSOLD CLOSED
Chef's Corner 128 Sue Parksons, Martha Joseph $65USDSOLD CLOSED
Pelicans and Egret Photograph 129 Stacy King $260USDSOLD CLOSED
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