National Buffalo Museum – Bid for Bison Online Art Auction
Auction Ends: Dec 4, 2023 11:59 PM CST

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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
5th Annual United Tribes Indian Art Expo, 1993, Framed Poster 758 $3,500USD CLOSED
American Buffalo by James Carter, Framed Print 113 $350USD $100USDSOLD CLOSED
Canvasbacks in Spring by J. F. Landsdowne, 1986 Stamp & Print 48 $125USD $25USDSOLD CLOSED
Chief American Bison by Robert Bateman, Framed Print 743 $600USD $370USDSOLD CLOSED
Chill of Dawn by Mark Perry, Framed Print, Signed 186/1350 756 $700USD $315USDSOLD CLOSED
Flashes Of Lightning, Thunder Of Hooves by Frank C. McCarthy, Set of 3 Framed Prints 140 $3,000USD CLOSED
Framed Print by Michele Gorres, 144/530 745 $700USD CLOSED
Framed Print by Ron Dodell 742 $300USD $75USDSOLD CLOSED
Guardian of the Plains by Sam Coleman, Framed Print 23/125 770 $700USD $250USDSOLD CLOSED
Last of the Buffalo, Framed Poster 3 $75USD $25USDSOLD CLOSED
Metal pheasant sculpture by Jim Dolan 4 $1,500USD CLOSED
New Beginnings by Bonnie Marris, Framed Print, Signed 38/50 776 $850USD $370USDSOLD CLOSED
Northern Plains Bison by Bradford Williams, Statue 334/500 683 $2,000USD $550USDSOLD CLOSED
Northern Water -- Common Eiders by Brenda Carter, 1992 Stamp & Print #3041 49 $25USD $25USDSOLD CLOSED
Protector of the Prairie by Bob Schyvers, Framed Print 297/500 744 $650USD $225USDSOLD CLOSED
Runs with Thunder by Bev Doolittle, Framed Print 107 $200USD $370USDSOLD CLOSED
Scene from the film Dances with the Wolves, Framed Poster 5 $1,000USD $250USDSOLD CLOSED
Stand and Endure by Bonnie Marris, Framed Print 29/50 777 $900USD $315USDSOLD CLOSED
Symbols of the West by Charles Wysocki, Framed Print 757 $450USD $175USDSOLD CLOSED
The Greatest Coup by Lindon Quinn, Framed Print 1/575 741 $1,700USD $450USDSOLD CLOSED
Thunderbird by Nancy Glazier, Framed Print 263/400 753 $900USD $375USDSOLD CLOSED
Thundering Herd by Bill Freeman, Framed Print 552/1000 778 $750USD $375USDSOLD CLOSED
Untitled Bison Landscape 104 $250USD $110USDSOLD CLOSED
White-Fronted Geese by D.M. Smith, 1986 Stamp & Print 50 $25USD $25USDSOLD CLOSED