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Collection of 109 volumes of "Merchant Vessels of the United States"

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Item Description

A near-complete collection of Annual Lists of Merchant Vessels of the United States. For the first sixteen years, this publication was under the Bureau of Statistice, Treasury Department. The collection being offered includes the Third, Fourth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth of the early issues. Starting with the Sixteenth issue published in 1884, the collection is complete through the issue of 1981.

A history of the development of Merchant Vessels of the United States is contained within an article by Charles Dana Gibson entitled "Tracing American Merchant Vessels Pre-20th Century. This was initially published as an Appendix within Dictionary of Transports and Combatant Vessels, Steam and Sail. It was later republished within Sea History (the Journal of the National Maritime Historical Society), Spring 1998, pp. 48-49. A copy of that issue of Sea History is included as part of this collection.

The collection totals 109 volumes* and requires 17 feet of shelf space.

*No volumes were issued for the years 1940, 1966, and 1967. The years 1953-54 were issued as one volume.

Donated By:

Charles Dana Gibson and Elizabeth Kay Gibson

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