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Nancy Quinn's Sequel "Stay West, Young Woman!" Published Summer 2018!

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Introducing "Stay West, Young Woman," the eagerly anticipated sequel to "Go West, Young Woman."  Published summer 2018!  Nancy will autograph to you! 

We are so proud to have Nancy's Quinn's sequel to "Go West, Young Woman!" on our auction!  She has donated handpainted scarves to previous auctions, is an internationally renowned painter of wildlife and now shares her second book, "Stay West, Young Woman! From Military Wife to Country Life."

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Nancy Quinn,  Wildlife Artist and Author! 

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Nancy Quinn will personally autograph to you or yours and send to you!  

"Have you ever found a cougar on your swing set or a moose in your driveway? Go West, Young Woman! is the true story of one family’s transition from beltway living in metro Washington, D.C. to what they thought would be a “calmer” existence in rural Montana. They soon discover how unprepared they are for the challenges ahead, both comical and adventurous. The humor of their early encounters with cattle and local customs only masks the more ominous confrontations with predators and nature. Through their journey they discover the true meaning of the “code of the West,” a concept which has not entirely vanished from the American way of life." See  Video Book Trailer

Five Star Reviews!

"A great story about the first experiences of country life! By MikeB on July 3, 2016

This book is an amazing read about a transition from two very different life experiences – a suburban way of life, serving the military to a rural country life that challenges your co-existence with nature each day. The daunting, heartfelt transitions to living in the Mountain West are wonderfully detailed and personal. Along the way, Nancy shares with you how each challenge was met in a narrative that the reader both relates to emotionally, and also will learn from in an empowering way. The day-to-day life in Montana as experienced through her, her husband, daughters and friends not only make us laugh and cry, but reveal to us how all our joys and sorrows combined strengthen our spirit. Each hardship and challenge, met head-on in faith, can bring forth a rewarding new experience in life. Those who are unfamiliar will discover that country life demands much, yet gives so much in return!"
" A well written true life experience worth reading. By skipper on June 29, 2016
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book . It is an amazing story of a courageous couple who with their two young daughters headed west from Washington DC in pursuit of a dream to make their new home in the mountains of Montana. I admired the way this family worked together to meet the challenges and surprises found in their totally new environment. I could hardly put the book down from the time I began reading it in anticipation of the next adventure. I also enjoyed the wry wit and humor throughout the book."
" There's never a dull moment. It's a "Must Read" for people of ... By Robert L. Anderlie on June 28, 2016
This book is so captivating. I could hardly put it down. The book tells of one adventure after another that Nancy and her family experienced. It is well written, informative, and gives a very detailed account in each chapter of their transition to modern frontier life. There's never a dull moment. It's a "Must Read" for people of all ages."
"A Heart-Tugging Page Turner Of the First Order!!!,December 30, 2016
I absolutely love this book! Nancy is that rare writer who really 'gets it' in that she doesn't try to impress the reader. Hers is pure expression from the heart that is as real, genuine and authentic as she is. I heavily emphasize the words 'from the heart' because Nancy's story is exactly that...from the heart. The reading is so rich that I am now reading it to myself and also, separately, aloud to my wife. She's enjoying the Quinn adventure too! There are just too many moments to single out any one...each page is like a potato always WANT MORE!!! Still, I'll do my best. There was a part early on where Nancy and her husband, retired Air Force officer, Bill, acknowledge to each other that they were finally going to have a home all their own that they wouldn't have to uproot from. Nancy had never lived in a place more than six years and Bill, being in the military, lived where he was told to live. This was their have their own home and it was coming to fruition finally! 9/11 had delayed their dreams (like it had for countless others) but finally, there it was...their dream coming true! I was reading this aloud to my wife and darned if my voice cracked and I noticed my eyes wetting up. There seemed to be something in hers too. Nancy is so much more than just another writer who is clever with a phrase. She COMMUNICATES to the heart of the reader with what I call 'word pictures'. Not surprising when you learn that she is a wildlife artist (and from what I've seen of her work...a very good one too). Indeed, her word are extremely sensory rich. Not only that, she draws the reader in even more by sharing his thoughts and emotions even as she's having them...kind of like the lead character narrating in a delicious film noir movie. I'm up to chapter 30 now and I've only been reading for about 3 days! This is unusual for me but it really IS that kind of book! Her adventures with her first horse, 'Belle' had me in stitches! This little horse is gorgeous (Nancy provides a beautiful picture of her) and KNOWS IT!!! She, as one of Nancy's friends said, "thinks she's Queen of the Mountain!" Indeed! To see this battle of wills between her and Nancy (who is truly gifted with animals of all kinds) is worth the price of the book by itself! Although this is delicious reading at any time of the year, it is most especially the kind of book you want to cozy up with on a cold winter's night. This book was good enough for me to give to myself as this year's Christmas gift...which, in fact, is exactly what I did! Nancy, Bill and their daughters are TRULY modern day pioneers. Theirs is the spirit that made this country great! ---- MikeP"

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About the Talented Author:

"Nancy Quinn was born in Royal Oak, Michigan, but has lived in many areas of the country. She is an internationally known wildlife artist whose work is noted for its detail and accuracy, and she is the recipient of two World Wildlife Art Championship awards.

Nancy has always had a love of animals and nature. After college, she worked as a conservation law enforcement duty officer for the state of Florida. She volunteered her spare time at wildlife rehabilitation centers, bringing their birds and reptiles into the schools to educate children of all ages.

Over the years she has handled many domestic and exotic species, including cougars, leopards, and tigers, and always had interesting stories to tell about her encounters with wild animals. Upon leaving a suburban lifestyle in the metro Washington, DC area, to live in rural Montana, she discovered a new world of exciting and unusual adventures. Encouraged by friends and family alike, she wrote her first book, "Go West, Young Woman!"

She now happily resides on a mountainside in Montana with her husband, daughters, dogs, and horses, where she continues to paint and write about her experiences living in the still wild west."

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Nancy Quinn

Wildlife Artist and Author

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