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Hina 'Ai Kamalama

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Hina 'Ai Kamalama, giclee print by Carol Araki Wyban.

Hina 'Ai Malama was a goddess who lived beneath the sea. As the favorite child of her family, she was given a special diet kept in a calabash bowl. When she left her home and rose above the sea with her calabash, her food flew to the sky and became the moon and stars. Hina 'Ai Malama married a chief and had five daughters who grew up and transformed into five fishponds, each with its own special type of fish.

Dimensions: Framed 24″ x 18″

To learn more about Carol and her artistic process visit her bio page here.

Special Instructions

This giclee print is part of the Fishpond Legends
All fishponds have guardian spirits.  They are shape changers that can take multiple forms.  They are often mo'o, giant lizards. Mo'o were both benevolent and terrifying.  They did not like to see unkindness, greed or haughtiness. There are many kinds of mo'o. Fishpond mo'o were female.