VOLCANO ART CENTER – Fishponds Of Hawaii By Carol Araki Wyban
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Pa'aiea Fishpond

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Pa’aiea Fishpond, original acrylic painting on canvas (3 panels) by Carol Araki Wyban.

Pa'aiea Panel 1:  This fishpond in Kona was 600 acres with a wall 5 miles long.  A Hawaiian poetical saying speaks of this pond: “O na hoku o ka lani luna, o Pa’aiea ko lalo. – The stars are above, Pa'aiea is below.” This likens the stars in the night sky to the little islands that shine in the pond below.

Pa'aiea Panel 2: One day the konohiki, or headman of the fishpond went fishing in the ocean and returned with his catch. An old woman approached him and asked for a share of the fish. The konohiki refused.  Three times she asked.  Three times he refused.

Pa'aiea Panel 3: That night, the old woman revealed herself as Pele, the Volcano Goddess. She sent a lava flow to destroy the fishpond.

In ancient days, fishermen often shared a catch of fish from the ocean.  Elders were and are respected.  It continues today that if an old woman asks for simple generosity, it is good and wise to be generous. Beware she might be Pele.

Dimensions: Framed 13″ x 25”

To learn more about Carol and her artistic process visit her bio page here.

Special Instructions

This acrylic painting is part of the Fishpond Legends:
All fishponds have guardian spirits. They are shape changers that can take multiple forms. They are often mo'o, giant lizards. Mo'o are both benevolent and terrifying. They did not like to see unkindness, greed or haughtiness. There are many kinds of mo'o. Fishpond mo'o were female.