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Ultra Pet Care Package

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Pet Care Package

PetHealth™ Hypoallergenic Shampoo

Dogs are energetic and playful - which often leads to a dirty mess for you! With so many choices on the market, what dog shampoo is best for your pet? A dog's skin can be very sensitive, making PetHealth Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo an optimal chemical-free choice. This oatmeal dog shampoo leaves your dog feeling clean and smelling fresh while keeping his skin and coat hydrated. 

Give your dog the royal treatment with this perfect coat dog shampoo. This hypoallergenic shampoo for dogs boasts ingredients such as oatmeal, lavender, honey and aloe, and it contains no harsh, irritating phosphates, sulfates, preservatives, parabens or alcohol. PetHealth Hypoallergenic Shampoo is odor neutralizing and leaves your dog smelling clean and fresh without an overwhelming perfume scent. The plant-based ingredients in this dog shampoo give your dog's coat a clean and shiny appearance without exposing him to harsh chemicals.

PetHealth™ Multivitamin Formula for Dogs

Dogs, like humans, are increasingly subjected to diets that are over-processed and unhealthy, and are exposed to a variety of environmental pollutants that can wreak havoc on the body. Poor nutrition and constant exposure to environmental irritants can lead to a variety of health concerns. Poor nutrition can dull the natural texture and shine of your dog’s skin and coat. Along with a balanced diet, a good dietary supplement is beneficial in helping your pet maintain good health. Although a good balanced diet will provide a solid foundation, food alone may not supply all of the nutrients necessary to fulfill their unique requirements. All animals have different nutritional requirements and factors such as age, activity level, environment, genetics and breed will greatly affect the absorption of nutrients from foods. It is, therefore, important to provide your pet with an adequate supply of nutrients, which will support the body in successfully working, growing and developing properly. PetHealth Dog Multi-Vitamin Formula supplements your dog’s diet with an adequate amount of key vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain optimal health. PetHealth Dog Multi-Vitamin helps promote healthy skin and eyes, helps promote the normal repair and growth of body tissues, provides antioxidant support, supports a healthy immune system and promotes digestive health. PetHealth, Advanced Solutions for Optimal Health!


PetHealth™ Pad & Paw Balm

Give your pet the same level of skin care treatment you give yourself. The pads and paws of pets can get cracked and calloused, just like your own hands and feet. PetHealth Pad & Paw Balm is a topical treatment that moisturizes and protects your pet's delicate pads and paws. Paw balm for dogs provides dog foot protection that helps maintain skin elasticity and allows your dog to run, play and enjoy life. Cat owners find that paw balm helps prevent minor skin irritations, whether the cat lives indoors or out.

PetHealth™ Medicated Shampoo 

Keep your dog comfortable and itch-free with the vegetable-based, preservative-free PetHealth Medicated Shampoo. This medicated shampoo for dogs is optimal for your precious pet's skin health and is also phosphate, sulfate, alcohol and paraben free. Pets are exposed to environmental irritants daily, and this sensitive skin dog shampoo helps to cleanse, moisturize and soothe, while maintaining the natural lipid barrier of your pet's skin. This shampoo helps to calm and soothe itchy and irritated patches of skin, and the formula is safe to use on puppies.


Highwave AutoDogMug portable Dog Water Bottle

Always on the go with your dogs? Hate having to carry a separate bowl to put water in? AutoDogMug solves these problems and more! The first and only one handed water bottle for your dog is easy to use. Just squeeze the bottle and water will fill the bowl, once you release your squeeze, whatever water is left in the bowl will drain back into the bottle. Holds 20oz / 29.5mL of fresh water for your dog. Comes with an adjustable velcro strap, you can easily attach the Auto Dog Mug to your backpack while hiking, your belt when walking or simply just carry it around your wrist. Fits perfectly in standard car cup holder for quick, easy one handed access while stopped at a light. Say Goodbye to... Wasting water. Sharing water with your dog. Having your dog drink from a stream or puddle. Stopping while on a long road trip to give your dog a drink. AutoDogMug is leak tight, food safe, and BPA free. 100% Made in USA.

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