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Michael Earl Anderson: Signed Print from the "Mindful Ox" Drawing Series

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The successful bidder for this item will select one from among the four prints of The Mindful Ox series by Michael Earl Anderson. These allegorical drawings represent the four basic, time-honored stages of awakening and enlightenment found in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, set forth originally nearly three thousand years ago. Choices include, in the order shown above, Samsara, Hinayana, Mahayana, and Vajrayana. The Series is presently advertised in Buddhadharma; 2018 Summer, Fall, Winter and 2019 Spring. 

Michael says of each of the drawings:

"In 'Samsara', we are seen following the ox as it streams its thoughts, looking back to see if we are following, as we hope that in following, our thoughts will materialize and deliver to us our deepest desires for happiness. Yet, even in the achievement of our highest goals, we find ourselves repeating the same cycle of suffering we previously experienced. This cycle then starts over. And again, fails repeatedly to yield to us the satisfaction we seek." 

"In the 'Hinayana', the ?foundation vehicle?, we investigate, discover and learn a more precise nature of existence and as well, our place in it. To do this, the mind (as the ox here) first needs taming, and once tamed, given proper ?food for thought?. Taming the ox is accomplished by sitting meditation (shamatha), while nourishment comes from hearing teachings on the matter and as well, from our own, meditative and freshly gained insights. Tamed, we see the ox now feeding from our hand." 

"The next formal phase of awakening, known as the 'Mahayana', the ?great vehicle?, is entered. This is the vehicle that bears us upon the path to perfection of wisdom and compassion for awakened beings (bodhisattvas), and the path of seeing. The ox, now lassoed, is led about in the practice of perfecting virtues. In the hinayana the practice is directed to the liberation of the individual, but now, the ego abolished, in the mahayana the aspiration for awakening becomes directed externally to the benefit of others." 

"The Diamond Vehicle. Indestructible wakefulness in the unceasing play of dependent arisings. The final leg of the path is the fruition of foundational, individual liberation and the perfecting of one?s practice. It is the continuous path to indestructible wakefulness, the 'Vajrayana', which is the means that establishes a continuum (tantra) and unceasing play of the natural state and dependent arisings. Ultimately, all is let completely go and we are restored to our ?right mind?. Joyfully, we ride the ox home."

Of French explorer and Finnish miner descent, American-born artist Michael Earl Anderson (1942 ? present) is native to the Lake Superior (Copper Country) region of Northern Michigan, and is father of three.


Size: Museum quality sheet is standard frame size 16" w. x 20" h., includes image and pinstripe.

Shipped in tube.

Frame not included.


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The successful bidder will receive one print of their choice: Samsara, Hinayana, Mahayana, or Vajrayana.

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