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Margaret Bremner - "Tesselation"

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$200 CAD

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Patterns and patterning have always interested me and recently I got around to trying tessellations. A tessellated pattern is essentially like a checkerboard pattern, dark and light alternating, but instead of squares you have shapes that interlink leaving no spaces between. The generally accepted grand master of tessellations is Dutch artist M. C. Escher.

I also enjoy special effects so some of the sections have paint that changes between black and blue depending on the angle of viewing.

Sizing: Mens 8 / Womens 10

Item Special Note

Margaret Bremner, a.k.a. the Enthusiastic Artist lives and works in Saskatoon. Her work is inspired by her fascination for colors, patterns, visual textures, and designs, which she combines in intricate works of art. She also practices and teaches Zentangle _ creating pictures using repeated patterns. Margaret writes,The word enthusiasm has Latin and Greek roots and means posssessed by a god or filled with spirit. Thats what making art does to me: fills me with spirit. Visit to read more about Margaret and her work, and find her artwork on Facebook at Margaret Bremner Art and Instagram.