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Sade Alexis - "Black in Colour"

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Sizing: Mens 10 / Womens 12

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I am a twenty-year-old black woman living in Vancouver. I currently attend the Emily Carr University of Art and Design as a critical and cultural practices major to receive a BFA in 2020. As a black woman artist I have given myself the duty of continuing the legacy of greatness that black womxn have created. This greatness dates back to the times when blackness was unique to Africa, when blackness was not yet created.

My artistic practice began as merely an expression of myself, as a way in which I could feel joy, feel in control of myself and my creation. As I learn more and more about the history of blackness, specifically the history of black womxnhood, and the lack of representation we have been given I find myself being drawn to the form of the black womxn. I see strength and power and pulchritude.

In my practice I hope to be able to put black women in the places that they are not usually put. I want to represent black womxn as being iridescently beautiful, as overpowering, as soft and vulnerable and most importantly as beautiful. For centuries white women and men have been the focus of visual art, their beauty has been at the forefront of the artistic world for far too long. Although my practice has yet to reach many people, I hope that by producing work like this, people, if only a few will begin to see the light within blackness.

For those who are black I hope they come to realize that their blackness is radiant, I hope to challenge the ideal that blackness is synonymous with evil, blackness is not the lack of light, but rather it is shining, it is effervescent it is the presence of light so powerful that colour ceases to exist.