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Parkour NYC: One ADULT 1-on-1 Intro Class with Bryce Clarke

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Originating in part as a product of French military training in the late 1980?s, Parkour has quickly become one of the world?s fastest-growing and highly efficient training methods for mind, body and spirit. Using the natural environment as a play space, practitioners (called traceurs) test their limits by running, rolling, climbing, jumping, vaulting, and swinging over obstacles in order to adapt to and eventually overcome the mental, physical, and even emotional challenges that arise from the physical barriers themselves.

With the adult student squarely in mind, Bryce Clarke, Founder and CEO of PARKOUR NYC, invites you to test your limits and channel your inner traceur to reach new heights in fitness and achievement. In this 60-minute introductory class, ?Coach Bryce? will teach you the proper way to climb without the use of knees or elbows and how to hold basic support positions with minimal effort and stress on the body ? essential skills to master for any parkour enthusiast.

Everything is ZERO-IMPACT, with an emphasis on developing coordination and basic quadrupedal movement ? two areas essential to successful advancement in the art ? while still challenging the body?s ability to sense itself in space (proprioception). And most of all, it?s FUN!


Item Special Note

  • Date/time/location of lesson to be determined by mutual agreement between Bryce and winner.
  • Lesson must be redeemed by October 2020, using keyphrase provided to the winner
  • Participant must be age 18 or older and wear comfortable clothing/fitness gear to class on date of lesson.

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