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1930's Hand-Sewn Quilt

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$385 USD
$150 USD to EANM1928
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Item Description

1930's Hand-Sewn "Broken Dishes" Quilt

This beautiful piece is a vintage quilt-lovers dream, and to find one in such excellent condition is rare. It is done in the "Broken Dishes" pattern, also known as "Pinwheels"; completely hand-pieced and hand-quilted, with the red binding stitched by machine. The maker has embroidered her initials in one corner. Somewhat unusual for quilts of this period, this one has a generous size of 72" by 86". (The first photo shows the quilt on a modern queen size bed.)

The donor collects antique quilts and provides this full statement of condition:

"This lightweight quilt is in excellent condition and shows no signs of wear. That said, as is true of most fabric - textile items over long periods of time, some slight signs of aging are present. I have looked over the quilt carefully (both when I originally purchased it and once again today), and this is what I see: Although the red binding was sewn on by machine I get the impression the person doing it might have been in a bit of a hurry. Nothing major, just some areas where the stitching is a little bit crooked, and in one place where a few stitches are missing (nothing that one would notice unless you were looking for it). Next, on the back of the quilt in one area there are a few light brown/tan colored spots. They are quite small, and as they are on the back, not easily visible. Honestly, even when I was looking for them to take a picture they are so small I had a hard time finding them again. The only other slight "issue" I found on the back was a slightly darker (also very small) spot nearer the center of the quilt. While the previously mentioned spots looked like fairly typical "age spots" often found on older textiles, honestly I have no idea about this last one.

"I have included a picture to give an idea about the spots, but please be aware that it was taken with a special macro lens that has made it look worse than it really is. As for the front of the quilt, I have looked it over and do not see any problems, but sometimes it can be more difficult to see a spot (especially if it is small and/or light in color), when it is among prints. Certainly no major problems on the front of this pretty handcrafted treasure."





Item Special Note


“Please note that for tax purposes this item has a fair market value of $385USD and is available as part of the charitable auction. Amounts donated above the market value of this item may be eligible for a tax receipt.”

Donated By:

Sally Wieland