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SEA HUNT, a print by Keith Ibsen

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SEA HUNT by Keith Ibsen

Value: $500    Note: $7.20 S&H will be added to the winning bid.


This print is up to 20" in height.

Mike Nelson, played by Lloyd Bridges (1913-1998), was a Navy frogman turned undersea investigator, the guy with the twin-hose regulator and the silver wet suit. The television series Sea Hunt and Mike Nelson introduced scuba diving to millions of people from 1958 to 1961 and in re-runs throughout the ?60s and ?70s. For generations of scuba divers, simply mention Mike Nelson and Sea Hunt, and they?re back in their childhood, swimming alongside the underwater investigator, solving crimes and wrestling sharks. 

Sea Hunt was, and remains, a phenomenon. It offered adventure, good versus bad and a glimpse of the underwater world that few people had ever seen; it left a legacy felt in televison, magazines and art for decades.

For the uninitiated, in 30 minutes, the bad guys do something really bad. Our hero, Mike Nelson, gets into trouble, gets out of trouble, rescues a damsel in distress ? typically played by co-star and diving legend Zale Parry ? and, finally, catches the bad guys in the act. In the process, someone?s regulator hose invariably gets cut in an underwater tussle. The good guy fought the bad guys, and the good guy won.

Legendary artist Keith Ibsen created this Sea Hunt illustration. For millions of divers, it is scuba history!

 Generously donated by Keith Ibsen


Item Special Note

$7.20 S&H will be added to the winning bid