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"Basking in Beverly" Bass

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Title: Basking in Beverly

Artist: Paula Borsetti

Materials: Bass is 3ft x 1.5ft and made of .5in Kleer (PVC). Front - created with modeling paste, painted with layers of Unicorn Spit Gel Stain and coated with Spar Urethane. Back - layers of Unicorn Spit Gel Stain and coated with Spar Urethane.

Artist's Description: The front of the fish is designed as a nod to Beverly?s rich and varied history. Layered with a ?stitched map? of all the different wards in Beverly. The section by the tail is Ryal Side, North Beverly is above including the soft dorsal fin, Centerville to the right of North Beverly including the spiky dorsal fin, Gloucester Crossing is next to Ryal Side, Downtown is next to that and includes the bottom fin, Montserrat is above and next to that, The Cove is next to that including the pelvic fin, the next section is Prides Crossing, including the pectoral fin and Beverly Farms section is the head.

The wards are defined by stitched lines as a nod to our shoemaking history and to signify that we are all stitched together as one city.

Layered under the painting of the fish are several textures made from hand-designed and cut stencils that are filled with modeling paste to create a raised texture. The images are also symbolic of Beverly?s history.

On the tail and along the coast area of the fish are smaller versions of the striped bass. This is to symbolize our maritime history.

On the bottom fin (Downtown) are men?s and women?s shoe shapes from the 1830s. This is to represent the many shoe shops that were downtown and also to represent the United Shoe. While USM didn?t make shoes, they made machines to make shoes. They acquired the patent of the lasting machine from Jan Matzeliger after he died in 1889. USM was where my father worked all his life as a patent draftsman.

The belly of the fish has a honeycomb pattern as a nod to our farming and agriculture history. As the city went from fishing to the timber industry, the Maple Leaf pattern was chosen to represent that, as well as representing all the varieties of trees in Beverly. It was also chosen, because it is a symbol of Unity, Peace and Tolerance, which is so important to represent always.

The painting was done with many layers of glaze. Unicorn Spit is a water-based gel stain that is semi-transparent. It allows for creating several layers of color. While created as a wood stain, it can be used to paint with.

 The back of the fish is inspired by mother-of-pearl. One of my favorite memories as a child is scouring the beaches for shells that might contain a pearl. This is also done with several layers of Unicorn Spit. The map of the wards is also included on this side. The GPS coordinates for Beverly appear around the eye.

Written at the bottom edge of the fish are what inspired the shapes on the front, as well as the artist name and sponsor.

The fish is coated with four coats of Spar Urethane.


About the Artist: Paula Borsetti is an artist in Beverly where she has her studio, Locust Street Studios. Along with painting, she creates custom work such as paddles, signs and whirligigs made by her husband, Joe.

Artist Website: Paula Borsetti



Sponsor: Salerno?s Italian Pub & Eatery

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To view additional photos of artwork, please view this website from a computer (the phone/mobile site shows only one photo). No refunds or returns. Winner will pay an additional $10 processing fee on top of winning bid. Item can be picked up in Beverly, MA, or we can arrange for shipping to be paid at Buyer?s expense. We will get in touch with the winning bidder after the auction closes to arrange for pickup/delivery in Beverly. Weighted stands available separately for $45. Please contact to inquire about shipping a Bass or purchasing a stand. Please note - the back of the Bass has drill marks from the mounting hardware used during the outdoor exhibit.