Lion's Roar Foundation – Auction for a Mindful Society
Auction Ends: May 31, 2010 11:59 PM EDT

May 17 - May 31, 2010: The Shambhala Sun Foundation's First "Auction for a Mindful Society"

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Bid on great items to inspire your mindful life -- and support the Shambhala Sun Foundation's Mindful Society initiative.

This special auction will help us to do even more to report on and promote the mindfulness movement, while offering truly helpful instruction, services, products, and services from leaders in the field.

Browse and bid on items to bring mindfulness into your life including:

And much more. You can start browsing the Auction catalog now. (You might want to bookmark it and keep coming back, as many new items will be added in the days ahead.)

[Image credit: picture above is Recycle, an enso by painter Kaz Tanahashi.]

What is mindful living?

We call it the mindful living movement. The ever-growing number of people bringing the benefits of mindfulness meditation into their lives. They're not necessarily looking for a new religion or spiritual path, but they know that living mindfully means improved health, relationships, job performance, and overall happiness. They know that including mindfulness practice in their lives will make them more loving and giving to others, and help them to handle life's inevitable challenges when they arise. And they know they don't have to accept it on faith: some of America's top researchers in fields such as neuroscience and psychology are proving the benefits of mindfulness for the brain, body, and overall quality of life.

This auction and its offerings owe entirely to the generous support of our donors: