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Our mission is to cultivate soul actualization and purpose in the world, and to further human evolution, health and awakening, for the preservation of the family and the global community.

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We envision putting the extraordinary gifts of Soul Lightening Acupressure into the hands of ordinary people worldwide. 

Aminah Raheem Ph.D. developed Soul Lightening Acupressure to address whole-being health and consciousness. Learn to hold specific points to restore and balance of the body, mind, emotions and soul.

We teach SEVA Stress Release for Self online (3 hours). No previous bodywork experience is required! Learn this simple but effective method of self-care for general relaxation, well-being, and stress relief. Learn these skills to benefit those you care about in Stress Release for Others, as well as additional training in Acupressure for AnyoneŽ workshops.

We also teach classes in the basic principles of both Process (PA) Acupressure and Clinical (CA) Acupressure in a Foundation Certificate (50-hour) program and Certifications in both PA or CA (300-hour) programs. Much of the classwork has been adapted for on-line virtual learning. All the protocols can be used for self-care, which is an added benefit of practicing this work.

Soul Lightening is an approved continuing education provider for massage therapists, and nurses. The Clinical Acupressure Certification offered by Soul Lightening International is an official endorsed program by the American Holistic Nurses Association.

We planned our auction to close after our first virtual Self-Care Retreat open to the public. Come join us! See our website at: