Spoleto Festival USA – Spoleto Festival USA Annual Auction 2019
Auction Ends: Feb 18, 2019 10:00 PM EST

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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
Grid Coat 1 by Alan Jackson 200 The George Gallery $240USDSOLD CLOSED
Too Far Not to Go by Alan Taylor Jeffries 201 The George Gallery $1,046USDSOLD CLOSED
Charleston Museum by Alex Waggoner 202 $230USDSOLD CLOSED
Winter Marsh by Betsy Brackin 203 The George Gallery $875USDSOLD CLOSED
Tourbillon De Vie by Carrie Beth Waghorn 204 $620USDSOLD CLOSED
Breakwall by Erik Neff 205 The George Gallery $420USDSOLD CLOSED
Brute by Frank Phillips 206 The George Gallery $475USDSOLD CLOSED
If You Could Only See Yourself by Heather Jones 207 The George Gallery $225USDSOLD CLOSED
Bouquet by Jean SERRIERE 208 $490USDSOLD CLOSED
Curve Bend Hook - Version de Champ By Paul Yanko 209 The George Gallery Live Event
Feb 8, 2019
Les quais, Paris 1941 by L. P. Robert Lavoine 210 $490USDSOLD CLOSED
Big Lot Painting #7 by Tom Stanley 211 The George Gallery $360USDSOLD CLOSED
Untitled (Exterior) by Vicki Sher 212 The George Gallery $600USDSOLD CLOSED
Charleston Street by Whitney Kreb 213 The George Gallery $900USDSOLD CLOSED
Near Haskel's by Stuart Coleman Budd 214 $1,700USDSOLD CLOSED
Obvious Gates by Dontre Major 215 $140USDSOLD CLOSED
Dreams & a Blue-Green Day by Susan McAlister 216 a b o d e $1,600USDSOLD CLOSED
Figures of the Island by Anne Darby Parker 217 $1,250USDSOLD CLOSED
Naptime, Havana by Anne Rhett 218 $105USDSOLD CLOSED
Senator Pinckney by Craig Lynberg 219 $195USDSOLD CLOSED
Dry Off by Katherine Dunlap 220 $102USDSOLD CLOSED
Osprey C-VIII by Kate Griswold 221 $583USDSOLD CLOSED
Sullivans Blue by Destination Haus 224 $283USDSOLD CLOSED
Lady in Ink XXI by Laura Dargan 226 $380USDSOLD CLOSED
Custom Franklin Experience at J. Stark 227 J Stark $195USDSOLD CLOSED
A Local's Dream 228 DiCamillo BakeryCharleston County Parks and Recreation CommissionHalf-Moon OutfittersStems & Skins $350USDSOLD CLOSED
That's a Strike! 229 The Alley Charleston $160USDSOLD CLOSED
A Night on the Town 230 Le Farfalle OsteriaHominy GrillHyatt House $570USDSOLD CLOSED
Explore Georgia's Lake Country 231 $2,000USDSOLD CLOSED
Look & Feel Great 232 Charleston DermatologyEcoHealth Wellness Center & Detox Spa $185USDSOLD CLOSED
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