ATTLEBORO MUSEUM INC – 28th Annual Benefit Art Auction
Auction Ends: Oct 30, 2019 05:00 PM EDT

Painting - All Media - 82 ITEMS (1 - 30)

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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
Adams Street Barn (Ron Couture) 109 Mary Coogan $150USD CLOSED
A. Lincoln (Barry Close) 121 Barry Close $600USD $280USDSOLD CLOSED
All Dressed Up (Ronna A. Pate) 78 Ronna A. Pate $170USD CLOSED
Ariana (Mary Kosowski) 220 Mary Kosowski $1,500USD CLOSED
Autumn Rising (Leah Mahiri) 81 Leah Mahiri $50USD CLOSED
Autumn's Bounty (Robin Beckwith) 76 Robin Beckwith $400USD $150USDSOLD CLOSED
Blue Hydrangea with Apricots (Ann Daum) 84 Ann Daum $350USD CLOSED
Blytheburgh Near Southwold (John Horder) 17 Patricia Ferrara $200USD $70USD CLOSED
Brisk Nightfall (Christina Beecher) 114 Christina Beecher $450USD $160USD CLOSED
California Beach (Celeste Houle) 122 Celeste Houle $200USD CLOSED
Cape Cod Marsh (Frank Robertson) 94 Frank Robertson $350USD $120USD CLOSED
Caught in the Camera (Hooshang Khorasani) 140 Hooshang Khorasani $1,600USD $400USDSOLD CLOSED
Clivia (Michael Evans) 47 Michael Evans $600USD CLOSED
Coast Guard House, Cape Cod National Seashore Provincetown, Mass (Martha Guillette) 119 Martha Guillette $400USD $135USD CLOSED
Copley Square (Barbara Corrigan) 39 Jim Duffy $1,200USD $500USD CLOSED
Covered Bridge (Bill Noble) 59 Bill Noble $750USD CLOSED
Darrows Words P15 (Stacy Leeman) 168 Stacy Leeman $650USD CLOSED
Double Read (Bill Lane) 192 Bill Lane $875USD $295USD CLOSED
Emerging Beauty (Lou Jameson) 112 Joyce Ripley $200USD CLOSED
European Countryside (Jennifer Turner) 143 Jennifer Turner $45USD $15USD CLOSED
Evening Light (Cecily Donnelly) 31 Cecily Donnelly $350USD CLOSED
Falls Colors (Kristina N. Occhino) 72 Kristina N. Occhino $500USD CLOSED
Family Recipe (Andre Pace) 218 Andre Pace $65USD $75USD CLOSED
Female Pregnancy (Andre Pace) 219 Andre Pace $65USD $35USDSOLD CLOSED
Flea Market (Kristin Stashenko) 200 Kristin Stashenko $1,200USD CLOSED
Garden Gathering (Kristina N. Occhino) 73 Kristina N. Occhino $500USD CLOSED
Garden Reds (Irene B. Allen) 22 Irene B. Allen $450USD CLOSED
Golden Pears (Katherine Honey) 209 Katherine Honey $150USD CLOSED
Golden Tulips (Sue Butler) 87 Sue Butler $500USD CLOSED
Green Frog (Lindsay Nygaard) 197 Lindsay Nygaard $300USD CLOSED
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