Marblehead Festival of Arts – 2023 Festival of Cod & Whales
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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
A Long Way from Home By Lucia Balinbin 9250 $100USD $300USDSOLD CLOSED
Aluminum Cod By Amy Egelja 9821 $200USD $305USDSOLD CLOSED
A Relaxing Morning Watching a Swan By Peggy A. Farrell 1638 $250USD $220USDSOLD CLOSED
As It Sometimes Happens ... By Tali Minelli 1285 $300USD $145USDSOLD CLOSED
Baked Cod By Geir Boger 8463 $200USD $300USDSOLD CLOSED
Betty By Ian McLaughlin 5704 $400USD $900USDSOLD CLOSED
Blue China By Kim Leventhal 9190 $300USD $435USDSOLD CLOSED
Botanical Sea Life Whimsy By Pamela Haley 5013-1 $300USD $220USDSOLD CLOSED
Candy Cod By Nancy Marland 8718 $150USD $150USDSOLD CLOSED
Carved Cod By Jennifer Groeber 7974 $500USD $210USDSOLD CLOSED
Cetus Flora By Stephanie Verdun 6789 $800USD $850USDSOLD CLOSED
Clay Codfish By Kirsten Bassion 3064 $375USD $500USDSOLD CLOSED
Cod, But Make it Fashion By Kent Stetson 6642 $300USD $90USDSOLD CLOSED
Codify Roe By Nora Falk 2801 $600USD $320USDSOLD CLOSED
COD. It's The Real Thing.", just 140 calories" By Steven London 8496 $200USD $150USDSOLD CLOSED
Decoupage Poisson By Pamela Haley 5013 $250USD $145USDSOLD CLOSED
Domestic Discourse By Tammy Picone Nohelty 714 $300USD $240USDSOLD CLOSED
Don't Call Me Swirly By Yvette Ciancio 9185 $100USD $321USDSOLD CLOSED
Friendship Totem By Heather Goodwin 9420 $250USD $350USDSOLD CLOSED
Gadus Black By Thomas Harney 9833 $300USD $295USDSOLD CLOSED
Golden Codess By Susan Gordon 9572 $200USD $280USDSOLD CLOSED
Green Monster By Tracy Finn 4745 $350USD $607USDSOLD CLOSED
Harborview 2023 By Maura O'Connor 7609 $500USD $650USDSOLD CLOSED
Harbor View By Susan Dodge 3927 $1,000USD $500USDSOLD CLOSED
Homage to Hokusai By Ruth Rooks 411 $350USD $500USDSOLD CLOSED
Into The Surf By Megan Perlow 9705-1 $300USD $415USDSOLD CLOSED
Just The Two of Us By Amy Goldfarb 9388 $150USD $110USDSOLD CLOSED
Meet Mrs Cod By Dayle Persons 7450 $100USD $105USDSOLD CLOSED
Morning Splender By Jill Clemmer 9219 $250USD $360USDSOLD CLOSED
Not A Bluefish By Ellen Garvey 5387 $300USD $550USDSOLD CLOSED
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