BJAFA – BJAFA Annual Auction 2014
Auction Ends: Dec 15, 2013 11:00 PM EST


Brooklyn artist Noah Landfield painting, "untitled"

Item Number
Estimated Value
$1,600 USD
Opening Bid
$500 USD

Item Description

Noah Landfield
oil and acrylic on canvas
12 x 12 inches

MFA in painting 2009, Hunter College
Tony Smith award winner, 2009 

More on Noah's work:
My current work reflects the often volatile nature of metropolitan life. This reflection of volatility, seen particularly in the abstract foundational cloudbursts which fill my canvases, derives also from my longtime fascination with volcanic activity. I utilize impressionistic overlays of metropolitan architectural renderings inspired by my visits to Japan and my reaction to the compact urban environment of Tokyo and other major cities there. My paintings are redolent of the tension between man-made urban structures and the forces of nature and also expressive of the way they manage to coexist. These often ghostly images combine fine detail with broad sweeps of near abstraction in vibrant color. Questions arise through the unsettling nature of the imagery, are these images of the present, past, or future? Are they warnings? These temporal questions lend themselves to the ambiguous nature of the work.

The possibility of visualizing energy and time in an artwork is something that intrigues me; to play with the interchange between color vibrations and allowing the viewer to become the synapse between painterly elements, completing the energy wave. Mixing line, shape, and surface variation with highly saturated color, and spatial imagery, the tension and disparity causes a viewer’s brain to jump the gap to figure out what he/she is looking at, this becomes the spark that contains energy.

Item Special Note

* Please come and pick up the work from Brooklyn location, or the winner will be responsible for the shipping charge.  Thank you.