ATTLEBORO MUSEUM INC – 28th Annual Benefit Art Auction
Auction Ends: Oct 30, 2019 05:00 PM EDT

Mixed Media/Collage - 31 ITEMS (1 - 30)

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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
15 Artists (Mike Allen) 15 Mike Allen $300USD CLOSED
A Winter Impression (Meggie Zhang) 141 Meggie Zhang $475USD CLOSED
City at Dawn (Beverly Silva) 14 Beverly Silva $775USD CLOSED
Dressmaker (Kathleen Marshall) 29 Kathleen Marshall $180USD CLOSED
Drifting Garden #2 (Laura White Carpenter) 127 Laura White Carpenter $125USD CLOSED
Floating (Annette MacAdams) 51 Annette MacAdams $175USD CLOSED
Gratitude V (Sharon D. Eisman) 181 Sharon D. Eisman $175USD CLOSED
Inferno (Michael Evans) 46 Michael Evans $600USD CLOSED
Moonlight Journey (Helen Lozoraitis) 63 Helen Lozoraitis $250USD CLOSED
Moored (Laura White Carpenter) 128 Laura White Carpenter $175USD CLOSED
Morning Light (Rosemarie Manson) 130 Rosemarie Manson $250USD CLOSED
Night (Sketch) 1 (Alvaro Labanino) 36 Alvaro Labanino $350USD CLOSED
Night (Sketch) 2 (Alvaro Labanino) 37 Alvaro Labanino $350USD CLOSED
Picking Pears (Kim Triedman) 163 Kim Triedman $300USD CLOSED
Pondering Girl (Lisa Granata) 213 Lisa Granata $95USD CLOSED
Silvery Moonlight (Rosemarie Manson) 129 Rosemarie Manson $200USD CLOSED
Sirene Cheveux Roux (Joell O'Malley) 202 Joell O'Malley $300USD CLOSED
Spaces Between (Tracey J. Maroni) 45 Tracey J. Maroni $325USD CLOSED
Taverna (Beverly Silva) 13 Beverly Silva $450USD CLOSED
Unknown Title #1 (John Chious) 10 Sensata Technologies $400USD CLOSED
Unknown Title #2 (John Chious) 11 Sensata Technologies $400USD CLOSED
The Pond (Julie St. Jean) 124 Julie St. Jean $75USD $25USDSOLD CLOSED
Oak Branch (Theresa Pedrotti) 57 Theresa Pedrotti $80USD $30USD CLOSED
Unknown (Martha Murphy) 110 Linda Watterson $100USD $35USDSOLD CLOSED
Silent Bidder (Karole Nicholson) 25 Karole Nicholson $200USD $70USD CLOSED
Mandala #17 (Ann-Marie Gillett) 49 Ann-Marie Gillett $195USD $90USD CLOSED
Painted Table (Lesley Makris) 208 Lesley Makris $135USD $95USD CLOSED
Reflection (Sue Butler) 86 Sue Butler $500USD $170USD CLOSED
Golden Fleece #41 (Carolyn Letvin) 149 Carolyn Letvin $575USD $195USD CLOSED
Turtle in the Marsh (Carla Carey) 44 Carla Carey $700USD $235USDSOLD CLOSED
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