Cape Cod Museum of Art – Soiree By the Bay
Auction Ends: Aug 6, 2018 10:00 PM EDT

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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
Kate Nelson, "Garden Tour" 121 $950USD CLOSED
Kenneth Hawkey, "West End" 114 $1,800USD CLOSED
Leslie Kramer, "Hidden World" 117 $400USD CLOSED
Liz Perry, "Red Sky at Morning" 143 $875USD CLOSED
Michael Giaquinto, "Dory" 122 $300USD CLOSED
Patricia Stark Feinstein, Untitled 110 $800USD CLOSED
Paul Schulenburg 152 $4,800USD CLOSED
P. Buckley Moss, "Skating Harmony" 175 $300USD CLOSED
Robert Douglas Hunter, "Metal, Glass and Pottery with an Apple" 105 $6,500USD CLOSED
Rosalie Nadeau, "Red Bog (Tonset Road, East Orleans)" 120 $1,800USD CLOSED
Rowland Sherman, " Joan and Bob at the March 1963" 155 $1,500USD CLOSED
Sam Barber, "Hyannisport" 115 $2,000USD $400USD CLOSED
Sam Barber, "The Shack-Cottage in Provincetown" 171 $7,000USD CLOSED
Samuel L. Feinstein, "Harbor" (1946) 159 $3,200USD CLOSED
Shawn Dahlstrom, "Piccanti Pomodori" 109 $500USD CLOSED
Steve Kennedy, 172 $1,800USD CLOSED
Susan A. Hollis, "Dune Tracks" 116 $850USD CLOSED
Susan O'Brien McLean, "A Fragile Place" 119 $1,000USD CLOSED
Susan Overstreet, "Philosopher Kings" 124 $1,000USD CLOSED
Suzanne Packer, "Sunflowers with a View" 158 $2,500USD CLOSED
William R. Davis, "Catboat on Nantucket Sound" 154 $9,000USD CLOSED
Wyckoff, Karol B.; "Meeting House Pond Skiff" 103 $950USD CLOSED
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